Filestash - a web client for org-mode

Filestash (formerly nuage) is a web client for org-mode. It started as its author believe emacs and org-mode are the greatest thing since sliced bread. The project aims to fix the pain points org-mode's users may have:

As an org mode client, Filestash can do a lot of cool stuff. For example, this document you are reading is a simple org files that is hosted on a private github repo. It was then rendered to html on the fly by emacs but could also been rendered in a pdf, txt, latex, markdown, open office, beamer, ical:


Figure 1: This document in different format thanks to the org-mode exporter

More than creating wikis, filestash can also be use to manage:

Note: this page is an interactive wiki showcasing the capabilities of org mode using filestash, click on the links to get to know more

Author: Filestash

Created: 2020-09-21 Mon 04:11