Managing project using org mode

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Org mode has a numbered of feature aimed to manage projects.

1 Creating todos

1.1 Introduction

Org mode can be seen as an application to manage your TODOS

1.2 TODO Write about todo in org-mode

A headline starting with a TODO is considered a task in your TODO list. You can click on the todo keyword to change its status

1.3 DOING write about tags   test

1.3.1 TODO nested tags   nested

Tag inheritance should be working fine.

1.4 TODO Write about priorities in org-mode

Priorities in org mode can be:

  • high: [#A]
  • medium: [#B]
  • low: [#C]

Those will appear in your TODO list with different colors

1.5 Your TODO list

In the menu bar you should see a few icons. Clicking on the list button will give you all the todo in the current document, clicking on a task will also toggle its status. You also have access to a few options to navigate to a certain task or put the task in your agenda by setting either a SCHEDULE of a DEADLINE date.

2 Agenda

2.1 Introduction

The agenda in filestash will give you access to all the headline containing a time. A time in org-mode takes different form:

  • an active time: <2018-05-05 Sat>
  • an inactive time: [2018-05-05 Sat]
  • a recurrent time <2018-05-05 Sat +1w>

Orgmode also provide 2 keywords to create your agenda: SCHEDULED and DEADLINE

2.2 TODO Stand up meeting

2.2.1 Note from the meeting of xxxxx

just put some note in here if you want

2.3 TODO Send gift to my father

3 Project secret

Another handy feature of org mode is to encrypt entire document or a headline using GPG. Unfortunatly this feature is not yet available in Filestash but pull request are welcome :)

4 What now?

Go back to the homepage and explore

Author: Filestash

Created: 2020-07-04 Sat 00:02