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The reader is advised to read this document via the filestash org-mode client accessible here to interact with the content and get a better idea of what org-mode has to offer

1 Creating content

Org mode is a great tool for making documentation. Behind its simplistic model of everything is text, it allows for a lot of features that make your experience better:

  • [X] headline toggle by pressing the tab key of your keyboard
  • [X] create links to navigate between different pages. For example: go back to the homepage
  • [X] publish your documentation to form entire wikis available in many different format (html, pdf, latex, html, …). Filestash extends this principle by letting you create different ACL (uploader, viewer or editor) and provide different restriction: password protected, expiration date or restrict to different users
  • [X] insert some images in your page background.png. Click on the image tag will open the preview inside the org document
  • [X] create some private note in your document that won't get exported
  • [ ] a full fledge development environment like the Jupiter notebook in Python but with any language you need. Unfortunatly this feature can't be a part of filestash as we can't trust our users enough to execute code on our servers …

2 The org mode syntax

This above is called a drawer, you can click on the properties and it will show whatever it contains. For more info about drawers, see here

  1. numbered list
  2. are just
    1. awesome
  3. normal list
    • rock
    • too

Verbatim code bold italic

3 Shortcuts

A decent amount of shortcut from emacs are already implement. What we did here is also getting some way to make things works great on mobile.

  • [X] Tab to fold/unfold
  • [X] click on the "*" char to fold/unfold headline
  • [X] Shift Tab
  • [X] Shift left/Right
  • [X] Click on todo keyword to toggle
  • [X] Alt Shift Enter
  • Alt-Left
    • [X] title
    • [X] item list
    • [X] numbered list
  • Alt-Enter
    • title
    • numbered list
    • item list
  • Alt-Right
    • title
    • numbered list
    • item list
  • Alt-Up
    • title
    • numbered list
    • item list
  • Alt-Down
    • title
    • numbered list
    • item list
  • Alt Shift Left
    • title
  • Alt Shift Right
    • title
  • Shift-Alt-Enter
    • title
    • numbered list
    • item list
  • Shift-Left
    • title
  • Shift-Right
    • title
  • [ ] C-c a a: Open agenda view
  • [ ] C-c a t: Open Todo view
  • [ ] C-c C-c
    • [ ] checkbox
  • [X] click on a line number to fold/unfold
  • [X] click on the checkbox to toggle its state
  • [X] click on a priority to cycle

Note: Some shortcuts might not be usable if you access it from your browser, so things like cut with CTRL+W might close your tab. The workaround is to make nuage an app: on chrome go to menu -> more tools -> add to desktop

4 What now?

Go back to the homepage and explore

Author: Filestash

Created: 2020-07-03 Fri 22:35